BS7671 electrical certificates

Electrical Certificates on iPhone & iPad

NO computer required, NO expensive desktop software to buy. A revolution in electrical certification, testing & inspection. Only possible before on expensive desktop software now on your iPhone or iPad. No laptops, computers, carbon pads or internet connection required. No more bland programmes with complicated user interfaces. Certify electrical installations with an app thats simple, & intuitive to use. Each signature is unique, NO scanned signatures, real signing of electrical certificates. Supervisors can be assured the contractor is signing off their own work iCertifi subscribtions sync across all your devices. Subscribed users get unlimited access to iCertifi PAT Test Edition, Fire Alarm Edition & Gas edition

icertifi electrical certificates

No Continuation Sheets

Continuation sheets are now a thing of the past. iCertifi automatically adds continuation pages to your BS 7671 certificates

icertifi easy to use

Easy to Use

iCertifi is easy & intuitive to use. Unlike complicated desktop software, electrical testing is as simple as touching a screen.

iCertifi test logic

Test Logic ©

iCertifi monitors/checks test results and calculates values where appropriate making testing accurate and more productive

application showing electrical certificate on iPhone electrical certificate PDF on iphone screen

Electrical Testing

Dynamically change colour of your electrical certificates instantly. A built in database of common BS 7671 items makes data entry & selection fast and accurate. Certificates can be re used as a template for similar projects, ideal for when certifying new builds or retesting EICR's. Certificates include: Minor Works, Domestic and Commercial Electrical Installation Certificates & EICR. PAT Testing, Fire Alarm and Gas versions are also available on the itunes Appstore

iCertifi electrical certificates on ipad

Universal App With Dropbox Integration

iCertifi is available on both iPhone and iPad. Email, print & save your electrical certificates with iCertifi. Save to device or cloud with Dropbox. Electrical certificates are sent as a secure PDF. Create, Edit, Share, Save BS 7671 Electrical Certificates at an unbelievable price