New earthing and bonding certificate in iCertifi V10

New earthing and bonding certificate in iCertifi V10

iCertifi V10 Is Out Now

We have lots of improvements and we are pleased to have added a new Earthing and Bonding Electrical Certificate



Often electrical installations require earthing upgrades, to allow them to comply with BS 7671 (as amended).  With so much importance placed on suitable earthing for electrical installations, we have brought a certificate dedicated to this. An easy to use certificate used for the installation, upgrade repair of main and supplementary earth bonding

Electrical Earthing Bonding Certificate Example

Why is earthing so important to electrical installations and electrical contractors?

The purpose of protective earthing is to ensure in the event of a fault, such as between a line conductor and an exposed-conductive-part or circuit protective conductor, sufficient current flows to operate the protective device. For example, a fuse to blow, circuit-breaker or RCD to operate, in the required time set out in BS 7671. Every conductive part of equipment that can be touched, and which is not a live part but which may become live under fault conditions shall be connected by a protective conductor to the main earthing terminal thus the means of earthing for the installation


What sort scenarios can I use this electrical certificate for?


Any electrical installation that has earthing! Here are some ideas:


Upgrading main bonding from 6mm to 10mm


Evidencing continuity for main and supplementary bonding


As an addition to an EICR


As a warning notice to owners of electrical installations with earthing/bonding that is not compliant with BS 7671


An addition to a visual inspection


An addition to an electrical danger notice


For landlords/homeowners to explain why you cannot complete electrical work on the grounds of earthing/bonding not complying with regulations


Replacing the main earth or earth rod/mat

The new Earthing and bonding Electrical certificate is available now with iCertifi on the iTunes Appstore.  Learn More >