PAT Testing Certificates on iphone iPad and Apple Watch

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

on iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch


Intuitive and easy to use portable appliance testing and certification on the go.

Send unlimited certificates, works offline, no need to sync with a computer, dynamic barcode scanner with auto complete

Test and dynamically add unlimited appliances. iCertifi will handle  page additions automatically

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No computer required


Intuitive PAT Testing


Portable appliance testing with an intuitive easy to use interface
Appliance database of selectable appliances
Basic and detailed appliance testing
Dynamic barcode scanning 
QR code generator Included
Automatically adds report cover and completion certificate
Generate Appliance Register from existing reports
Pat Testing Appliance on iPhone

iCertifi Apple Watch App


Test Portable Appliances from your Apple watch


Enter reference number,  select the appliance from the picker and choose a result.

Data is sent from your Apple Watch to to your certificate

The Only PAT Testing Apple Watch App

For Electrical Contractors

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Dynamic Barcode Scanner



iCertifi’s barcode scanner automatically enters previously scanned appliance data saving hours on retesting.  Store thousands of appliances in the cloud.  New appliances when  scanned data is automatically saved to the cloud for next time

PAT Test Bar Code Scanner

Pat Test Appliance Risk Assessment 

Useful quick reference tool for assessing risk of portable appliances


Cable Calculator

Calculate nominal resistance of supply cable conductors of portable appliances










Built In Database Of Common Appliances 

Save time on typing an appliance description with a searchable database of appliances instantly available 



Predictive Appliances

iCertifi PAT Test Edition is intelligent and will remember previous appliances  automatically presenting recent appliances as you start typing  










Printable Completion Certificate

For your customers



A unique feature of iCertifi PAT test Edition generates a printable completion PAT test certificate your customers can display in their premises to show compliances with Electricity at Work Regulations


iCertifi not only produces high quality BS7671 electrical certificates, its an assistant monitoring and checking your test results and calculating data making electrical safety testing accurate and more productive. iCertifi is intelligent and knows if your completing an EICR allowing your to turn off test result monitoring so as not to bother you when you may expect unusual test results or non compliance

No need to mess around syncing data with computers or wireless devices, once finished send your certificate instantly Electrical certificates can be saved directly to device, emailed, printed (with a compatible AirPrint printer) or uploaded to Dropbox, google Drive, OneDrive, Eevrnote and lots more

Using iCertifi means you’re not tied to any part P/scheme provider.  They are accepted by all providers as they comply to the BS7671 IET model certificates.

Choose from 100s of certificate colours to customise your electrical certificates or create your own colour to match your business.  Add company and scheme logos in settings to your electrical certificates

Add images of C1 and C2 items to evidence to your customers electrical dangers and non compliances.  Easily snap an image from your device camera and it will be automatically added to your final certificate

Secure Data

Devices that have Touch ID can secure saved electrical certificates on the device by requiring a fingerprint to access saved certificates.  Electricians, Managers and Qualified Supervisors can require Touch ID or a pass code to prevent unauthorised editing of business details

On My Way

Electricians Keep customers updated on when you will arrive at your next electrical job.  iCertifi finds your location and composes a message with your name, company, ETA and map view of your current location. This can be sent via text, email, Facebook or Twitter

Electricians Get Paid Instantly With Credit and Debit Card Payments

Not just an electrical certificate provider, in another industry first, iCertifi helps you get paid quicker.  Complete electrical certificate,  share with customer and get paid instantly

iCertifi can find your current location form GPS and automatically fill in client address details on your electrical certificate instantly

 3D Touch compatible devices can launch BS7671 electrical certificates from the home screen without even opening iCertifi 

iCertifi allows you to create a real signature in Settings with real ink effect that can be saved and used throughout the app.  Or sign directly on the device for each certificate.  There is also an option to save a QS signature

Devices that have Touch ID can secure saved BS7671 electrical certificates on the device by requiring a fingerprint to access saved certificates.  Electricians, Managers and Qualified Supervisors can require Touch ID or a pass code to prevent unauthorised editing of business details

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