The Electricians Logbook

Verifi provides an effective system confirming the continuing accuracy and consistency of electrical test instruments used for certification and reporting purposes


To maintain confidence in the accuracy of test instruments used for electrical installation testing, those responsible should put in place an effective system to confirm and record continuing accuracy allowing remedial action to be taken without delay if any indication that an instrument is no longer accurate is noted. Results should be documented for record and audit purposes. With Verifi Electrical Contractors can keep all their electrical test instrument accuracy records in one place in a convenient logbook


A Modern Approach To The Electrical Log Book

All Your Electrical Test Instruments Logbooks In One Place

Test Instrument log Book App

Verifi Is The Test Instrument Accuracy Record In Your Pocket, On A Device You Use Everyday



Unlimted test instruments

Unlimited monthly checks

Keep all test instruments and accuracy checks in one secure place

Automatic alert against variations against baseline readings with selectable tolerance  variations, 10% 20% and 30%

Option to send logbook(s) as secure PDF via email, AirPrint, message or social media as secure PDF

Automatic monthly reminders when each instrument needs checking

Paperwork Organised!

Add unlimited electrical test instruments.  Keep all records and  data in one place

Scheme Compliance

Provide records of ongoing test instrument accuracy for assessments

Intelligent Records

Checks for inconsistencies on comparative monthly cross-checks

Test instrument accuracy record on iPad

Assisting Electrical Contractors with Assessment Requirements For Ongoing Instrument Accuracy 


During your assessment visit, your Assessor will want to check the suitability of the system you have in place for checking the accuracy of electrical test instruments. Things like maintaining records of calibration/ re-calibration of test instruments as recommended by the instrument manufacturers, calibration certificates issued by recognised organisations and traceable to national standards. It is further recommended by scheme providers that more frequent checks and recording is carried out by Electrical Contractors.   Verifi can produce system to ensure continuing accuracy and consistency by maintaining accurate records for comparative cross-checks.  Unlike writing it down on bits of paper, all your calibration cross-checking can be done on your iPhone or IPad and won’t get lost or dog eared rattling around the van.


Carry all your instrument verifications in your pocket and have then easily available during an electrical assessment.

Available for iPhone & iPad

Monthly test instrument check
Test instrument check iPad
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